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The EDTA inhibits the coagulation process by eliminating the calcium in the blood, reducing the platelet activation by protecting the platelets when the blood comes into contact with the inner surface of the tube. Ideal for counting leucocytes, platelets and red blood cells or for determining the leucocytic formula, for flow cytometry and for determinations of lead as the morphologies of the blood cells are preserved.

The percentage of liquid tripotassium K3EDTA is:

  • In 2 ml and 3 ml tubes: 7.5% (0.184M)
  • In 4 ml or above tubes: 15% (0.369M)
Dillution effect in K3EDTA tubes = 4 ml 1% and 3 ml 2%.

Dilution effect in K2EDTA spray coated tubes = None.

  • All plastic tubes can be stored down to -80ºC
  • 18 month shelf life from date of manufacture

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