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Buyer's protection
Act locally to avoid scam
Anonymous payment gateways are very unsafe
Cheques payments are not recommended

Additional information

Digital Goods

Finance this item from 3156.76KES per month
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Multiple order forms

Choose which form to appear for which site.

Citation tool

APA, MLA, Havard Citation tool in the system

Work Summary

A snapshot of who is working on what and deadline

Performance Graph

Know how you are doing
at a glance with graph

Live Chat

The in-built live chat between admin and any user.

Writer news

Keep writers on the know with news

Dispute Orders

Be a pro dispute orders, and resolves disputes in style.

Edit Emails

Set all emails with
your content, safe and easy

PayPal Shield

Connected to yTask for Paypal shield, no more limitations.


SMS Client, writer, editor from the system

Login as user

Ability to login as a client, editor or writer at will

Writer Tests

Let writers take
grammar tests when registering, filter the failures

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